Lost in Things

Questioning Functions and Meanings of the Material World

November 28th - 29th 2013

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Thursday, 28th November 2013, PEG Building, Room  1.G 135 (1st Floor)

14.00–14:30: Hans Peter Hahn: Introduction to the topic

14.30–15:00: Patricia Spyer: A Night at the Museum in Maluku: Animacy, Materiality, Aesthetics

15:00–15.30: Arnica Keßeler: The Gender of Things. Is “Gender” a Concept for Humans only?

15.30–16.00    Coffee break

16.00–16.30: Sebastian Schellhaas & Mario Schmidt: Money-Eaters and Things-Thinkers: about Luo Lost in Food and Anthropologists Lost in Materiality

16.30–17.00: Philipp W. Stockhammer: How Things Unsettle Us

17:00–17:30: Bjørnar Julius Olsen: Farewell to Meaning? Halldor's Dump Truck and the Fallacy of Interpretation

19:00    Dinner (Speakers only)


Friday, 29th November 2013, IGF Building, Room 1.314 (Eisenhower Room)

9.00–9.30: Diamantis Panagiotopoulos: Incompatible (?). Exotic Seals in the Bronze Age Aegean and the Tension between Social Practice and Affordance

9.30–10.00: Jennifer M. Bagley: Tool, Prestigious Object, Magical Device - Following the Neolithic Stone Ax through Time and Space

10.00–10.30: Ludek Brož: Reminding Remainders: Indexes Fallen from Sky 

10.30–11.00    Coffee break

11.00–11.30: Alesya Krit: Redefining Temporality of Materiality: Renovating Decaying Houses in South-Eastern Spain

11.30–12.00: þóra Pétursdóttir: Ruin/ Ruination: the Aesthetics of Heritage

12.00–12.30: Federico Buccellati: The Problem of Architectural Continuity in a World of Change

13.00–14.00    Lunch Break (Speakers only)

14.00–14.30: Jens Soentgen: Indigenous Rubber

14.30–15.00: Martin Holbraad: On Pragmatology: from Things to Concepts - or, Savage Thought again

15.00–16.00: Final Discussion

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